Car rental terms

This page has brief car rental terms, download detailed car rental terms in PDF format here Car rental terms. Car rental terms can also be found in our office. Car rental terms apply mutatis mutandis to other rental terms.

1. Customer / Driving license

Valid driving license and at least years driving experience and also a minimum age of 21 years (groups G - M 23 years). A maker of a contract is responsible that driver has a driving license. We do not have additional charge for extra drivers.

2. Fuel

Fuel is not included in the cost. The tank is full both when received by a customer and upon return to car rental.

3. Insurance protection

Rental charge includes traffic, motor vehicle, fire and theft insurance. The customer's excess can be reduced upon payment of an additional premium. The customer shall be liable to pay in full any damage attributed to willfulness, gross negligence or carelessness by the customer.

Check more detailed info from the Insurance-page.

4. Rental payment

The rent is charged in advance. Payment can be made by credit cards accepted by RentCenter.

5. Fines and parking tickets

The customer is responsible for all the above costs and all consequent recovery cost.

6. Returning the vehicle

Unless agreed otherwise, the vehicle should be returned to the car rental point from where it was rented. In case of an over one hour delay, a 24 hours rental fee will be charged, unless otherwise agreed in advance. If the return is delayed, the hirer must compensate all or any losses incurred by the rental agency because of the delay.

7. Purchase tax

Rental charges include value added tax 24%.

8. Un-canceled reservation and cancelling reservation

If a reservation is not cancelled 24 h before rental should start and rented item is not collected, 100 e cancellation fee will be charged. Reservation can be changed or canceled via e-mail or by calling +358 3 2606 500. If you cancel via e-mail, we will confirm the cancellation and then cancellation is valid.

The rental agency is entitled to cancel the rental agreement in force major situations e.g. breakdown of the car.

9. Animals and smoking

Animals or smoking in the cars is prohibited. If there has been animals or smoking in the car, a minimum sum of 100 e will be charged as a cleaning cost.

10. GPS locator

Some of the vehicles are equipped with a GPS locator. The GPS locator will be used only if it is suspected that the vehicle will be used in ways that are forbidden in the rental terms.

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