Car rental insurance information

In a accident that is caused by the customer, he/she is liable to pay excess for each different damage. These damages are eg. dent caused by customer or damaged windshield. Excess is also paid when the car is stolen.

If repairing of the damage costs less than excess the customer shall pay only real repair costs.

The customer shall be liable to pay in full any damage attributed to willfulness, gross negligence or carelessness by the customer.

Detailed insurance information is given in the rental form.

The customer can reduce excess by paying an extra insurance (Collision Damage Waiver, CDW). CDW includes windshield and tyre insurance with 0 e excess. In car groups A - E excess can be removed by paying extra after CDW.

If you rent a car for a whole weekend (Easy price™ weekend package price) CDW is charged for two days.

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Groups   Excess CDW 24 hrs CDW 7 days Reduced excess
A - E Cars 1000 10 59 500
  500 15 90 0
G Minibus' 1500 15 99 500
H - K Vans 1500 15 99 500
L Box vans 2000 25 149 1000
M Trucks 2000 25 149 1000
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Excess is 500 e in these damage types:

  • Trailer damage
  • Other rental items damage

Excess is 2000 e in these damage types:

  • Big box trailer damage

Excess can be reduced to 1000 e by paying 10 e per day.

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